Most of you have probably heard the tragic story about Ricardo Portillo, a youth soccer referee here in Utah, that was killed by a punch to the face by a young man who let the emotion of the game overtake sportsmanship and respect towards the referee. Starting this last spring season, we as a league started using referees from ages U-9 and up. Among those referees, those covering our U-9 through U-12 leagues are VOLUNTARY referees from our local high schools.

To reinforce and remind us all of the necessity of good sportsmanship and respect towards our referees, a non-profit organization was founded in honor of Ricardo Portillo. West Jordan Youth Soccer will be teaming up with this organization, LOVETHEREFS.ORG, for a fundraising event on September 7th. This will coincide with picture day at the fields. will be bringing a large, bright yellow trailer to the fields. For a donation, they will be giving out silicon bracelets and tshirts with the LOVETHEREFS.ORG logo. This is a very worthy cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to promote this cause. They will also have Real Salt Lake ticket vouchers available…for a $10 donation, you can get a voucher for a $20 ticket to a Real Salt Lake Game.

We look forward to teaming up with LOVETHEREFS.ORG and we look forward to supporting this worthy cause on September 7th.